ENGLISH Betway精装版
Why is Yuteng going to be traceable?
To ensure the quality of products,Inviting cashmere experts , set up a professional department and associate with the industry's most authoritative JWIF in Japan(JWIF),The cashmere tracibility is achieved,Quality control from the source,Visualization is accomplished in each process.Which means for the cashmere end products sold,Consumers can check the entire process from the source to the delivery,From the traceable system,Our target is to achieve:
  • The structural place of origin and thoroughly traceable
  • To make the brand have certification
  • To protect the quality cashmere breed in the source and origin
  • To help herders improve their lives
  • Protect the inheritance of nature

    From natural pastorals to flourishing cities,From the boundless grasslands to fashion elements,Cashmere is the thread in between

    It links to the cross-nation friendship,People’s dreams vary from different areas,But the pursuit of refined quality is the same,We cherish the gift of nature with humble hearts

    Feedback From YUTENG
    For the better protection of the quality Albas cashmere goats,In order to
    help each herdsman's family, improve their lives,Yuteng decided to draw
    out 1% of sales revenue,From the 200tons of traceable cashmere,To
    donate to the Albas region,And back to the hand of every herdsman,To extend
     gratitude for the gift of nature,And be grateful to the hard work of every herdsman.


  • Limuren Pasture

    Arbace white cashmere

    area:8100 mu
    produce:685 KG

  • Xinhaiyan Pasture

    Arbace cashmere

    area:8000 mu
    produce:676 KG

  • Alatanchang Pasture

    Bast white cashmere

    area:8100 mu
    produce:675 KG

  • Siriku Pasture

    White cashmere

    area:8100 mu
    produce:675 KG



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